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Still Not Dead, Still Kind of Travelling


I’ve been trying to write this post all day but London (that’s England, not Ontario, if you were getting confused) has been so, so hot. Which I do not do. Heat + I /=/ compatible.  What mostly happens is that the heat goes up and I sit on the couch, drinking water and trying to calculate how much energy simple tasks like breathing are going to cost me and whether or not they’re really necessary.


We got back from Sweden Friday following a busy five days visiting Copenhagen, 24 hours in Stockholm and then watching the Euro 2013 match between France and England in Linköping on Thursday before running (literal running was done here) to catch a train at midnight to get back to Lund before flying out later that afternoon. I will be doing proper, proper posts over the next week or two* about each of the cities I visited and the things I did and the absolutely delicious food I consumed and how I was basically dragged onto the plane because I actually didn’t want to leave.


It really was an unexpectedly** wonderful trip. Not because I didn’t expect Sweden to be a good trip, but I didn’t expect myself to become so fond of it so quickly. Heck, I even learned the Swedish alphabet and the words for fishes and some grammar and stuff. If that’s not completely being swept off your feet by a country, then I don’t know what is. But! Just so that I don’t tell the story out of order and without pictures (pictures make everything so much funner, don’t they?) , I’ll sign off now. This ‘posting (more) sporadically (than usual)’ thing feels weird and I’m trying to figure out how to catch up in an orderly fashion without completely overwhelming you all with the awesomeness that is Sweden. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.


*I have to sort through all my pictures and I’m not entirely sure that I’ve posted all my France pictures. The super organizer in me is not alright with this lack of organization but also realizes that I won’t be getting much done in this heat and so things will take time.

**And unexpectedly expensive. In that way that people tell you it’s expensive and you go, “Aight,” but then you get there and see the price and have this reaction.

Things I’m Loving: (Link dump since I’ve been away for awhile!)

+ 10 items for camping – (Tis the season.)
+ Gap year tips – (If you’re thinking of taking time off.)
+ More summer reading – (If you’re out of ideas. Or really out of ideas.)
+ This song – (Because after searching for it for a couple of days, I finally found it again.)
+ These clothes – (Especially this, with this. And maybe this.)
+ Picnic hints – (For the perfect afternoon out.)|
+ How to update your wardrobe – (In five easy steps.)
+ Gorgeous jellyfish pictures – (The colours are stunning.)


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