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Not Dead, Just Travelling


Just a quick update because I realized this morning it’s almost as if I’ve fallen off the face of this blog.  Granted, things have been crazy busy but if there’s no one to witness it, is it really that crazy?

I will have a round up post of my last weekend in France, which included beaches and sunburns and picnics and the repacking of my bag three times. I’ve actually got most of it written out in my head, so that is coming up, as well as a post or two on favourite things because I ate so much I better make a list of it.



As you can probably guess because I know you’re all wonderfully perceptive people, I am no longer in France. Which I know I told you, but not where not in France I was going/am now. The first picture* should help give it away but: I’m spending ten days in Sweden!

I left Monday morning by train for Lyon, where I caught a bus to London (yes, that’s a 14 hour trip and we had a delay at the ferries. But kind of awesome, too. Also I’m from Canada so I’m just naturally alright with long trips.). I had probably the best bus buddy from Paris to London and, save if you’re travelling with children, would suggest travelling by bus if you have some extra time. I really would.

Got to London Tuesday morning, wrestled my bags to my friend’s place (where I will be staying for two weeks after I get back from Sweden), took a deserved nap, went to Nando’s for dinner before watching Man of Steel in a theatre the size of the one in Porcupine with probably the strangest audience I have ever been a part of before heading to bed and waking up at five to take the metro back to Victoria London to catch a bus to Stansted.

Now I’m in Sweden and I will do a proper post** soon and tell you guys exactly how lovely Sweden is and how after 48 hours I’ve pretty much decided I’ll be moving here and just have a summer house in Nice. (To which I’ll have to block out my mother’s questioning of where I’m finding this money because obviously that stuff grows on trees.)

Now that I have finished word vomitting all over this post and told you about my summer, I want to know about yours.  I know I’m probably a few weeks behind on this, but when have I ever really done things on time? Practically never.

*This post is being done on my phone, which I have never done before so I’m crossing my fingers that nothing goes wonky in the posting process and I apologise if it does.
** I forgot my card reader back in London, so all photos will be phone photos until I get back so you guys will probably get like a month of Sweden posts. Which you will enjoy because it is perfect and lovely and everyone enjoys those things.


One thought on “Not Dead, Just Travelling

  1. Keep up you blogging (if there is such a word) !! Hello to Agneta , Tasos and Niki. from us. We know they will show you a wonderful 10 days . Take LOTS of pictures— no sense telling you this as you always do — and write great readings for us !! Enjoy your time in Sweden !!!!
    Love and Hugs

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