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Fly By Week


This week went by so quickly! Blink and BAM! Hellooooo Mr. Friday. Between twisted and balloon sized ankles,  parents away for the weekend, trips to the pool and basketball court and a broken washing machine, boring has not exactly been the word of the week. IMG620


So on Monday my HM ended up spraining her ankle while running, which is why I have sworn to never run down a mountain because this is what happens. It meant she was a.) home for the rest of the week while b.) not really being able to do anything which c.) the three kids didn’t really grasp. But we did end up going to the pool on Wednesday and I swam my laps in the outdoor Olympic sized pool and guys. That extra 25m makes a huge difference and the first couple of lanes had me looking like I was a drowning fish at that half way point but I made my goal so kudos to me.


Then yesterday the parents left for the weekend. They have a wedding this weekend and decided to make the most of it, which means I can now safely do things like break the washing machine while they’re away. Things come in threes,  so I’m hoping that since the ankle happened to one person, the washing machine not working happened to me, that someone else will get that third bit. It’s just annoying that it happened this weekend because I’m getting to leave on Monday (!!) and have been waiting all week to do my laundry so that it can get done all in one go and just be done with. Luckily, one of our friends is allowing me to use her washing machine, so clean clothes will be had! 



My friend Sarah also lovingly sent me Nestle powder mix packets and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice mix. Which I am SUPER EXCITED about. This is why mail and friends are the best. It’ll be especially welcome this weekend as I try and get all packed up and put together before I leave Monday morning. Eek! I’m excited!

Things I’m Loving:

+ This list of articles – (10 interesting articles to read all in one place.)
+ 101 picnic recipes – (Just to find something different.)
+ This stacked drink dispenser – (For when I grow up and have my own place.)
+ Summer reading – (In case you were running out of ideas.)


One thought on “Fly By Week

  1. Hope it is all working out for you, Amielle— and that you will ready to leave on your next adventure (or inventure, as our grandson, Blair used to say ). Your plans sounds wonderful !!! Give Agneta a big Hug from me when you get to Sweden.— AND KEEP UP WITH YOUR BLOG !! Will be waiting to read what happens next !!! Hugs and Much Love,

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