Au Pairing

Au Pair Lessons: Be the Good, Better, Best Organized


I pride myself on being a pretty organized person. Depending on how I’m feeling, I even throw in some colour coding for good measure.  However, over the last six months, I have stepped it up a notch. Or five.

During winter, a week can get b-u-s-y around here. Between shuffling kids off to ski lessons twice a week, plus dance lessons, as well as catechism every other week, pottery classes every Tuesday. Toss in the occasional birthday party sleepover or community event and the list of things I have to stay on top of can get long.

Which is why I bought my HM a big planning calendar for Christmas this year. It was kind of for her, but actually mostly for me. Because as much as I have a good memory, it does have its limits and sometimes just gets plain overworked and I realized exactly why it is that my mom is such a big fan of hers.

The thing that I’ve learned is, being two steps ahead isn’t just for the parents. Actually, more often than not, I try to be a good step and a half ahead of the parents as well. Because there’s nothing that causes more stress or annoyance than  realizing that absolutely no one knows what’s going on, that someone forgot the towels or the sunscreen or extra gloves. Being the most organized person is in the best interest of everyone, yes, but, more importantly, it’s in the au pair’s best interest. It makes your life so much easier and will help you stay sane.

Calendar shopping is loads of fun and there are tons of calendars out there to choose from. My mom (and I) personally likes calendars with big boxes for each day. Lots of them come with stickers, which is super fun.  Basically: there are styles for everyone.  And one will make your life oh so much easier, I promise!

Things I’m Loving:

+ How to handle culture shock – (Because it’s oh so real.)
+ 20 words of wisdom – (To start your week off right.)
+ This cake – (Someone needs to make this for me.)
+ I’m Comic Sans – (For all the lolz.)


5 thoughts on “Au Pair Lessons: Be the Good, Better, Best Organized

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Here’s to full calendars!! Ours, though, is going to slow down a bit with school almost down…winning:-)

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  3. interesting! I am a nanny also and staying organized is def important! we (the family and I) use an iphone app called Cozi (family organizer)- its amazing because the entire family can use it and the calendar/schedule is with me always 🙂

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