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Climb Up a Great Wall

IMG_7162This Wednesday we deviated a bit from our normal ‘stay cool in the morning, watching movies and spending the afternoon at the lake’ and instead went rock climbing! My HD actually surprised us with taking a day off and we met up with another dad and his three kids and….climbed rocks.


IMG_7167This little bugger wouldn’t quit climbing up without being attached to his rope and kept giving me mini heart attacks. He also wouldn’t stop looking at the dead mouse that the kids found and kept poking at it. Sanitary.


IMG_7177We practiced how to climb down. Which is actually scarier than it sounds. Because you’re supposed to sit back and like walk down the rock face and if you look down (which is actually what I did, because I’m smart like that) the first thought to pop into your head is that, nope, the guy holding the rope down below is actually going to let go and your adventurous self is going to fall all the way down, Humpty Dumpty style. Those are the thoughts even as the guy below yells up, “It’s fine! I got the rope! Now lean back, away from the rock!” Living on the edge, literally.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This summer course – (If you’re looking for something to do. And for the kids.)
+ 5 Ways to spend Summer Days – (If you’re looking for inspiration.)
+ Pair your wine & cheese – (Because I know you’re classy like that.)
+ Learn to watercolour – (How fun would this be for a summer activity?)


2 thoughts on “Climb Up a Great Wall

  1. Hi Amielle,
    Happy to read of all your doings!! Sounds ( & looks) as if you are having a fun time with most of the things you are doing ! Enjoy reading of all your doings. Keep up the blogs.

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