France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

Unfortunate Things & Fig Bread


Remember how in my post the other day I said I wanted my mom to send me mail? Well, she didn’t but my sister did and it was great. But it was unfortunate because apparently the postperson got hungry delivering mail and decided to have a snack.  Though, that wasn’t the most unfortunate thing to happen to me this week, unfortunately….


This is the car I drive. It’s a kind of adorable Fiat that I just cannot seem to really get along with. There was an incident back in February with the car topper and then, today….we decided it was time to go off the beaten track. Literally. It’s still actually stuck out there and I’m waiting for neighbours to show up so that we can push it out of the little creek it’s leaning into. (I forgot to mention that, didn’t I? Yeah. It’s hanging out in the creek. BUT! It’s not as bad as it looks and I’m sure, just like the car topper and the speeding ticket and my missed plane to Nice, I’ll be able to laugh about it in no time.)

IMG_7069This blog post wasn’t supposed to be about unfortunate moments. It really wasn’t. It was to talk about bread. And not just any bread but fig bread which is currently my favourite bread of ever.

Note: I am not the baker of this bread. Rather, I am the buyer, which is okay too because sometimes it’s nice to not be the one to make something and just be the one to eat that something.
IMG_7070And this something was introduced to me by my lovely friend Katie and can be eaten in so many ways, which is probably why I love it so much. Toasted! Not toasted! With butter! With cheese! With cream cheese! (If with cheese, a gooier one has been my preference. Camembert or reblochon are my two favourites.)

IMG_7077To sum up this post: fig bread and cheese is awesome. So are letters, even if they have been eaten by the postperson. And I should just stay away from vehicles in France because they dislike me.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This pretty script – (How awesome would it be to get this in the mail?)
+ Summer book recommendations – (Because tomorrow’s June and that means summer SHOULD be on its way.)
+ This playlist – (To help you get to sleep.)
+ These recipes – (Because simple, delicious food is the best.)


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