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The Coffee Break


Yesterday I woke up to slamming doors and kids yelling at each other. I checked my phone and could have almost cried when I saw the time. I’m not a morning person, but I’ll crawl out of bed when need be. ‘When need be’ yesterday should not have been 6:45. This morning, even though the kids don’t have school on Wednesdays, I came down to the youngest hugging the freezer door and sobbing because, out of the blue, he decided that he wanted ice cream for breakfast. 



The thing is, mornings turn into afternoons that turn into evenings. Waking up with children crying, a lot of the time, means that I pick up cranky children after school. Or else days where there isn’t school, where I/their parents can’t pass them off to an unsuspecting teacher, means I find every bit of patience I didn’t know I had (and sometimes, even more) and tell myself I will be able to scream in a pillow if I need to.

Then nap time comes and I can (usually) get three peaceful hours of silence. Sometimes that silence isn’t peaceful, but rather the house holding its breathe because children really aren’t napping. But what comes with that silence, whichever it may be, is my coffee.

I’m not normally a big coffee girl (my preferred drink of choice) but France has kind of changed that. I adapt mine (first picture) because I like mine milky and sugary and in a mug that warms my hand. Whereas the true French drink theirs in tiny, fragile…cups.

But the routine of heating up the milk and getting the coffee machine ready, watching the coffee pour into the milk, all that, in its small, simple way is soothing. It has a certain comfort to it that comes with knowing this is part of a certain set of time where I’m not being asked if shoes are on the right feet or where a certain shirt is or if I can reach/button/help/any thousands of things.

It’s just me and my milky, sugary, potentially not-really-coffee-anymore coffee. (And my laptop.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ This new journal – (Because I miss photography.)

+ This video – (Because I love this team.)

+ This advice – (Because I need it.)

+ This playlist – (Because.)


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