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Thinking of: What Next?


I have this big map of France on one wall of my bedroom (see image below) where I’ve stuck pins (hi lighted in bright blue because white is difficult) in all the places I’ve been. Over the last nine months (how are we at the nine month mark already?!), through various circumstances and cases of good luck/bad luck/life, I’ve managed to hit a fair bit. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do a lot of extended seeing at each of these places, but I can say I’ve been there and I’ve spent time across various corners of the country.


But now that I’m nearing the end of my time here (again: how did we get here so quickly?!), it’s time* for me to start thinking about ‘What’s next?’.

The thing about living a.) in the mountains and b.) in the mountains where Italy, Switzerland and France meet is that you see a lot of planes. (Seriously. Two just passed by as I started typing this bit out.) You know that game? The one where you ask, “If you could go anywhere, and money is no object, where would you go?” And if you’re someone like me, you never really have the same answer twice in a row because the world is really big and you want to see all of it. Which means that, seeing planes pass by every day and sticking destinations to all of them mean that I get this itch and this urge to just leave. Obviously I can’t, but as my time here is winding down and I’m starting to make plans for what will be happening next, I’m getting closer to getting to that next destination.

Right now, the one that keeps coming up is Spain. Obviously that’s quite vague, but over the last few days, things have been happening and I’ve been talking to people and come this August, should all go well (KNOCK ON WOOD), my newest adventure will be starting.

Of course, me being me, I’ve also got a few little adventures planned between now and then and I’m excited to start planning for what is shaping up to be an exciting summer.

*By that I mean: I’ve been obsessing over that question since about March and since hindsight will forever be 20/20, I don’t think I’ll ever really learn that things will work out and, as my mother has drilled into my head over the years, “Patience is a virtue” and stressing with only result in me buying more chocolate and crying over my laptop.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This DIY – (I have a thing for scarves.)

+ This site – (Because one travelling blog leads to another, leads to another, leads to…well, you get the idea.)

+ These cocktails – (To celebrate The Great Gatsby with.)

+ This mix – (Fun music + sunny days = my kind of living.)


2 thoughts on “Thinking of: What Next?

  1. Uncle and I enjoy reading of all your doings, Amielle !! Looking forward to seeing where youwill be by fall !!
    You write very well and make all you'”doings’ very interesting for us to read back home.
    We are finally enjoying some summer type of days — shorts and tank top time !! I evengot a bit of red shoulders yesterday doing some yard work, Today was a t-shirt day !!
    Keep on writing — and enjoying your time in France.

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