France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

Let it Shine

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It’s amazing how time flies. Six weeks have come and gone and we’re once again in the midst of our two week school holidays. As with last time, we have grandparents visiting and the weather has been summer-like. Shorts and t-shirts, sunglasses and sandals and sunscreen. Days spent almost entirely outside, running in the backyard and playing in the park, eating meals at the big picnic table under the beach umbrella stuck through a hole in the middle.

Yesterday we headed up to Chamonix and meandered around, bought ice cream (lemon and of course: caramel beurre sallé) and I found a birthday present for my little brother who turns four at the beginning of May. Four! Time really does fly!

Also trying to finish planning my trip next week. I’ve got six days without children and close to the ocean and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!


Things I’m Loving:

+ Talking about success – (what it looks like and people who failed before they succeeded)

+ Four pretty images – (just because)

+ Tis the season – (since I can’t have my Tim’s, I’ll have to do this)

+ 3 steps – (because putting yourself out there is hard, as is being a good employee to yourself)

+ the secret of travel blogging – (or lack thereof)


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