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Confetti & Animal Masks

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So. I’ve been gone. Not gone gone, just not here gone. And maybe Good Friday isn’t exactly the best day to be posting, carnival pictures or otherwise, but I’m doing it.

Not much has really happened to keep me away, just little things. Like snow and rain and the ache for spring to just finally get here. The way my camera no longer feels like it properly fits in my hands anymore and we’re trying to work past that, trying to reconcile our differences. How I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing this summer and how even though I have options (a few of them) it feels like there’s nothing, which doesn’t make sense, but I’ve learned some things just don’t. Things like not having a vehicle the last week or so and how that feels like just being plain stuck. On the side of the mountain, with the rain. Just a lot of stuck-ness. But spring is coming. You can feel it in how the rain is rain and not snow and there’s now puddles and mud on the ground. The way the days are longer and you don’t need a winter jacket to go outside.

So I’m now working on becoming un-stuck, which is turning out to be a long process with lots of set backs and maybe I won’t fully get there for awhile, but I’m willing and ready to try.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Mr. Rogers – Last week was his birthday and ten years since he’s passed away and I ended up saving some links and here are two that are my favourite:

5 Moments That Prove Mr. Rogers was the Greatest American 

Won’t You Be My Neighbour? 

+ Camping – I miss going camping. It was something we’d do for a week or two every summer. That first picture brings it all back.

+ Around the World in 13 Songs – On repeat at the moment.

+ 15 Salads – My friends and I are bordering on obsessed with salads. For lunch, for dinner, if it’s cold, if it’s warm. These would be perfect for our next get together.

+ These sneakers – I want them. That is all.

+ Easter DIY Ideas – All lovely and quite simple and just in time!


One thought on “Confetti & Animal Masks

  1. Nice to see something new…was beginning to wonder what/who had abducted you:-) Cute pictures…human interest at its best. What’s the story?

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