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Hanging On

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I’ve had left over photos hanging out on my desktop for the last couple of weeks. My birthday party, coffee with friends, hikes with the family, sun on the window sill.

In all honesty, I’m ready for school to start back up. We still have two more days this week, though at least Friday we’re planning on heading skating or swimming.

Two weeks is a long time. Not that you really run out of things to do, but after awhile, you do. Long walks and trips to the park, small errands and baking, they help. Nap time is the time of day I look forward to the most. When I can tidy up from breakfast and lunch and tidy the living room and get things organized and get….centered, for lack of a better word.

I’ve also been working on (or trying to. There’s been a couple of slips.) Second Touch. Which includes an article. By me. The first non-blog post I’ve written in so long it took me three days to write it. Don’t judge me. It’s really been a long time. A long time. But: I could be back. (I think I am, at least.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ This poem – (I’ve been reading a lot of poetry, lately.)

+ This t-shirt – (The cat pocket is adorable!)

+ About procrastination – (This hit the nail on the head, for me.)

+ This photography project – (Interesting and I love all the colours.)


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