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Hello March

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Can we talk about how excited I am that it’s March? Because I’m really excited that it’s March. Normally I don’t mind February. I mean, it’s my birthday month. Plus there’s always a school holiday. And it’s the only month with 28 days. Really: there’s really nothing to NOT like about February.

Except this year. This year between issues with the train during my trip to Lyon, difficult e-mails, tearing off the back half of a car topper and then a random speeding ticket (90€ for three kms over the limit!), all topped off with a complete emotional melt down after a long day hiking, I was more than happy when I got to flip my calendar.

Part of it was just plain ol’ bad luck (like sliding on ice and scraping my knee badly) and part of it was stress getting to me (forgetting the car topper). I’ve always been someone who tries to do it all. I’ve gotten quite good at juggling and balancing and making sure to remember things. Then, other times: I don’t.

For some reason, I’ve never been good at, or liked, asking for help. I just don’t. More because I’ve felt that I should be able to do everything, even though I know, better than anyone, that I can’t.

So the last five days, as we’ve had grandparents visiting, have been wonderful. Because grandparents, especially grandmas, don’t wait to be asked. They just do it. They help you out and lighten your load and tell you that you’re doing a good job and hold you while you sob in the driver’s seat while there are cars honking behind you and three children in the backseat asking you why you’re crying.

I think grandparents, more than parents, oddly enough, remember what this age was like. They can look at it from a different angle and sympathize more. They also really know what to say.

We were watching Mary Poppins and everyone was joking about how I’ll now have to learn how to snap my fingers to help all the toys march back to their places during clean up. And Bonne Maman (as she’s called) said, “She doesn’t need to learn. She already has the magic touch. With both the children and the cleaning.”

Which was exactly what I needed to hear.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This interview/those photographs – (Because you’re never too young to do amazing things.)

+ These travel tips – (I’m thinking about this summer. I miss the warmth. I miss shorts. I’m constantly wearing sunglasses, so there is that.)

+ These tips – (Because I’m always up for a refresher course.)

+ This video – (Was exactly what I needed.)


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