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“Deep down I believe my year was a special year: it produced me.” – Ned Vizzini

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Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-1. I have a weird relationship with my birthday. Like I like my birthday (who doesn’t?) but it also just feels weird to be the centre of attention. Or maybe that’s just me.

Yesterday morning we made cake (kiwi, with cream cheese frosting) and had chicken for dinner, cake for dessert, magic candles that we all tried blowing out and lovely messages throughout the day from all my friends. Met up for coffee with my friend Chynna, who brought a candle out of her purse and lit it while singing happy birthday in front of my little guy who just looked at her in confusion. Because we didn’t have time for cake, she had gotten macaroons and we had those instead. Tonight, she and another one of our friends and I are going to be making chicken fajitas and it sounds like they have something else planned.

So you know, I guess it’s not so bad to be the centre of attention every once in awhile. I can handle it once a year.

Things I’m Loving: 

+ How to find inspiration – (For if you need help finding it.)

+ This site – (Fun graphic images to take a peek at.)

+ 5 saving tips for travelling – (Things I’m going to keep in mind for this summer.)

+ A quote – (Something to remember.)


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