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Hello Lyon

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Since my family’s headed off for vacation tomorrow (ten-ish days in Orlando, hanging out with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. My mom said I’m not allowed to complain since I’m in France. So there’s that.), I figured that it’s about time that I get the pictures of my trip up.

One of these days, I will be as good at planning trips as my sisters are. That’s my mid-way through February resolution. My next trip I will sit down and properly plan. With tickets purchased for tours and museums and guidebooks. Lyon was not that. (That’s fine though. It’s a three hour train ride away. That’s nothing.)

But it was still good. In a ‘wandering up and down the river and looking through 50’s themed stores and being creeped out by the marionettes lining the windows in the street’ kind of way.

The sun was out but it was still cold and we avoided walking up any streets that were too steep because that was too much commitment for us. Then there was a birthday dinner and an Irish bar.

And that was just the first day.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This blog – (Because all of them are relevant.)

+ These tips – (So that I can work on that ‘better trip planning’ resolution of mine.)

+ This DIY – (I want these for this summer!)

+ This bog – (Friends creating something together from a huge distance is something I’m very fond of.)


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