France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

The Mountain Top View


I went for a hike last Saturday. The sun was finally out and it was nice out and I actually didn’t need my jacket. So that got rolled up and threaded through my backpack belt and I trekked up and up and you know, that’s something that I could get used to. Maybe not every day, but something as a once a week thing, when it’s time to stretch your legs, really stretch your legs, so that you feel it a couple of hours after you’ve gotten back and after you’ve curled up on the couch and read your book for a while. (Or in my case, it’s National Geographic (France) and Lonely Planet Magazine. I don’t know if I’m there for the information or the photographs or the pull out mini-guides. Probably all of it because I’m greedy like that.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ What a good traveller needs – (I like to think I’m getting there.)

+ This trip idea – (One of the other au pairs brought it up as a way to spend a week this summer. I’m heavily considering it.)

+ These tips for expats – (Since I’m one and most of the people I know are as well, these are helpful.)

+ These animal notecards – (I’m running out of cards for letters and who wouldn’t want a little mail bag carrying rabbit to start their day off right?)


2 thoughts on “The Mountain Top View

  1. Your photos are beautiful Amielle. They have a special feel to them, something calm, almost fragile.
    I love hiking as well- nothing better to clear your head.

  2. Amazing pictures my dear! Tried to pick some favourites: chalet/cabin, sign posts with the rainbow edges, trees close-up…then I had to stop otherwise i’d be picking them all!

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