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Keeping it Simple


We made crepe batter for our snack yesterday. Just the batter. Though, they went from being for snack to being for dinner. Someone else made the actual crepes. They made them with cheese and meat and that was dinner. Then we made more and put jam and butter and sugar on then and voila! Dessert. Simple, just the way food should be sometimes.

Sorry, no Thursday Thoughts (again!) this week. Really hoping that next week will see things being a little more settled and into a routine. Fingers crossed!

Things I’m Loving:
+ On Being Passionate – (Wise words I’m trying to remember. Especially lately.)

+ This house – (Small and compact. I like it.)

+ This art – (Where do people come up with these clever ideas?)

+ This outfit – (The little foxes! The dress! The boots! Can I has?)


One thought on “Keeping it Simple

  1. Amie, I’m so tickled that my post resonated with you and that you shared it here! There are days on every adventure (grad school for me + au pairing in france for you) where it takes a little something extra to get through the rough times and get back to our passion.

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