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Going Higher


Once again I have been painfully MIA. Which I tried to avoid and clearly didn’t succeed. First I got sick and was in bed for three days (thanks, cold. That was really friendly of you) and then there were ski lessons and un-announced days out on the hill and then, finally, I’ve spent the last couple of days getting ready for the ‘official’ launch of Second Touch.

Which has kind of been worth me not being around, oddly enough. Because when I finally looked up from all the support we’ve been getting for this project, I realized how much I missed posting here. I missed editing and putting up pictures and telling a story. So, don’t worry: I’m not leaving. I will probably be more sporadic than I was before, but also not as completely not here as I have been the last week and a half.

The above picture was taken on Saturday on a hike I took. I’ll have more pictures tomorrow, as per usual! But when the trail signs say that the trek is ‘1 hour’, but it’s up the mountain and you’re carrying your photography equipment, it’s best not to be too surprised when it takes you three. Followed by a simple half hour descend because that’s just how these things work. It’s also best to not be ridiculously surprised when you can’t move your legs properly the next day. These are things to keep in mind, which, naturally, I did not.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This fabulous first article – (Seriously. The amount of pride I have over something I didn’t even write is ridiculous. In such a good way.)

+ This vlog – (Because Elizabeth Bennet in the 21st century just can’t be a bad thing.)

+ This website – (Because this is exactly the sort of thing I’m drawn to: good ideas.)

+  These still lifes – (Food photography is one of my favourites and these are all so wonderfully thought out.)


2 thoughts on “Going Higher

  1. I read through the “Second Touch” info & it all looks VERY impressive…you go girl!!
    Guess I’ll have to figure out how to do the “like” & “share” stuff so others can see it.
    Keep up the good work:-)

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