France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

Cards & Cakes


Mini chocolate cakes and letters to Papa Noël. That counts as a very good day in my books. They were quite fond of licking the bowl (and getting chocolate up to their elbows because they were being thorough.)

We’re getting ready for the Christmas holidays. We leave for Toulouse on Thursday and I think we’re all ready for that, just to get some time off from school and work and get away for a bit. (I say that even though I just got here. Not because I’m going stir crazy, but I got used to moving, I think.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ This recipe – (I’ve been wanting to make soup for awhile. Tomato soup, to be precise.)

+ These notecards – (Letters are my favourite. With maps. Doing it myself would be like a cherry on top.)

+ These photographs – (These are stunning. Absolutely stunning.)

+ This companion kit – (This is amazing! I want to get my hands on it ASAP.)


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