Fish Story

ImageImageImageImageSo these are the actual last photos from Saint Cado. I’m 100% sure this time. Yes, the scarf has, once again, made an appearance. It’s just always there, I can’t help myself. Also: there is a reason that that is the only picture of the fish and why it’s taken all the way across the kitchen.

I wasn’t really surprised to see them there. We were beside the ocean and the fish live in the ocean and people pull them out of the ocean and then eat them. No big deal. I’ve been fishing (not really the biggest fan, but I’ve done it) and I know how this all goes down. Except I thought they were dead. Nope. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move and thought I’d just imagined it until I was looking at it and its tail flipped and its gills moved and I haven’t been that close to screaming out in fright in a long, long time. I finished making my tea with my hand blocking my view of the fish and then bolted out of there, staying in the living room until they got carted away.

And that is my story of the day.

Things I’m Loving:

+ These interesting facts – (I’m a sucker for interesting facts.)

+ This blog – (Just because I’m in Europe doesn’t mean I’m not still looking.)

+ This shirt – (How adorable is that?)

+ This sweatshirt – (I’m a huge sweater lover. Huge.)


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