Belz/Saint Cado, France

The Lost Photos


As I was going through my folders and resorting pictures, I realized that I had forgotten about an entire set of photos from Saint Cado that I had taken on my last day there. It’s amazing to think that I was there less than two weeks ago and that, in that time, I’ve gone from weather that feels almost like spring to being surrounded by continually falling snow.

The bridge in the photos is the one that you can see across the way in these photos. Instead of going into Belz like I normally did for my daily walks, I decided to take the bike and go in the opposite direction, something that I realized I should have done earlier. The weather was gorgeous and I got to wander around the rocks tucked up near the shoreline. On my way back, I stopped by a tabac and bought myself some mango juice and that day’s copy of L’Equipe and drank and read from the same place where I took this photo. 

Now, I trek out for my paper and drink and read while curled up and warm inside, watching the snow fall outside and remembering that all those ridiculous winter clichés had to come from somewhere.

Thing I’m Loving:

+ This bookshelf – (Because one day I will have my own place. Maybe.)

+ This journal – (I’m on a kick of some sort. Apparently.)

+ This tag – ( Because I need help finding places I want to go.)

+ This gift guide – (Because some of us are broke broke broke.)


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