Belz/Saint Cado, France

Light is Love


Let’s talk about sunsets for a minute. Just a brief, quick minute because much longer than that and we start getting grossly romantic and waxing poetically about love and that’s great and all but I actually just want to talk about light.

I’ve never been able to take pictures of a sunset that I really like. You know how you’ll find postcards with sickeningly beautiful light, everything in balance  and then there’s me. Until I took these pictures. No, I probably won’t be turning them into postcards, but I felt like I actually ~captured what I had been seeing without there being parts way too blown out or just completely lost in darkness. I’m going to count this as a win and carry on.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (Very thought provoking.)

+ This other article – (Not just for students, though. I’ve started trying to read more newspapers. Something I, you know, should have been doing before.)

+ This outfit – (The sweater, the jacket, the shorts. I want them all.)

+ This DIY – (As you already know, I have a thing for maps. And for travelling. So this one is a no brainer.)


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