Just What the Doctor Ordered


I can’t believe I’m an entire week behind on photos. I finally, finally sat down today and edited everything that I’ve had sitting in a folder for the past couple of days. These are from after I left Chartres last Sunday and before I came to Belz on Wednesday.

Flowery wallpaper and rooms with gorgeous light. A ten minute walk from the ocean at night. A bike ride that ended almost as soon as it started because flat tires are a problem. These are all ingredients for relaxing. Combine with good food and sleeping in, add a healthy dose of reading a funny book and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This advice – (I am a sucker for travel photography, ok?)

+ This song – (There’s a yogurt commercial with this song. It’s in my head.)

+ This magazine – (Every time they come out with a new issue, I want to get my hands on it!)

+ This website – (Because clicking little hearts next to clothes is almost the same as buying them. Except it’s cheaper and you don’t actually own them.)


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