Chartres, France

The Final Seven


These are the last seven pictures I have from Chartres. Which is kind of nice in a,”We’re moving on to new things,” kind of way. More so since I’ll have spent a week out by the ocean, putting time between the whole situation. Hindsight is only 20/20, but I’m glad, now, that I didn’t find a new family right when I wanted to. I don’t think starting anything right away would have been the best idea and besides: there’s an entire ocean I would have missed seeing.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This question – (What are your twelve?)

+ This skirt – (On my things to learn: how to sew. Because this entire site has me wanting to create ALL THE DIY CLOTHES. Ahem.)

+ This gift guide – (This is one of my favourite sites and her themed gift guides (last year’s is here) are brilliant.)

+ These posters – (I am loving the colours!)


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