“It is endless longing & endless expectation.”


“If loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” *

That, essentially, sums up my feels for my club(s). I’ve never actually said in a post who my clubs are, though through various links I’m sure you’ve figured out about my heart of hearts: Real Madrid. (I do also support Toronto FC and St. Étienne, if you’re wondering.) I do have friends (lies: a friend. A verbal friend. Whom I still adore.) who believe I am completely wrong with the choice that I made (though we later discussed the process that is choosing a club and organic vs. a thought driven process). Which is completely and utterly fine with me. Because they’re mine.**

Quite possibly the one thing that has kept me sane in the last couple of weeks is re-watching old matches. If this isn’t something you do, this is going to sound downright bizarre, I know. But it’s almost like re-watching a favourite movie. You know what the ending is going to be (most of the time. I did forget what the final score for one of them was and almost had a panic attack. Which was kind of wonderful. The not knowing, not the panic attack. Because it was like getting to watch it for the first time again.) and how the players are going to react. How the ball gets passed from the halfway line and your player is beautifully not offside and loses the last defender, meets the oncoming goalie and just chips it over his shoulder and into the net. You know you’re going to come from one down, twice, and still win the match.

(Yeah, I tend to re-watch the ones where we won. It just helps with that whole ‘feeling better’ deal, I find.)

Those tend to be my favourites:  the ones where they’re losing and they somehow find it within themselves to ignore that and keep playing. No, they don’t always win, but in those matches where they dig deep and you can tell that they just put everything into it and they won’t stop chasing that ball until the final whistle blows. Re-watching that, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before, has no other option but to make me feel better.

This sums it up perfectly, actually.

*from this **not mine mine but, you know, mine

Things I’m Loving:

+ This map – (And also this one. My future house will have maps on at least one wall.)

+ This advice – (Because Neil Gaiman knows what’s up.)

+ This blog – (Beautiful travel photographs.)

+ This video – (The world has a lot of good in it, too.)


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