Chartres, France

Saying Good-Bye


I left Chartres Sunday morning. Boarded the train and carted every single thing I own in a big duffel bag suitcase and a blue bag that looks kind of like a dog carrier, actually. Asked for help and was told the wrong platform. Of course I realized this with less than five minutes to my train and even though I did pretty well with the whole packing thing, you try running with over fifty pounds worth of stuff strapped to your body and tell me how much fun you’ve had. (And that happened twice. My shoulder is still sore.)

But before I left, I went out one last time. What’s ironic is that it was the first time I’d ever been out on a Saturday night. Apparently you can buy churros and candy apples from a cart next to five or six flower vendors. And it’s packed. I’ve never seen that many people in the square. Naturally my mouth was full and my hands were full of flowers, so these were the only shots I took.

The first one is the tabac where I would go for my café au lait every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s owned by Jean-Michèl who would ask me every Tuesday about how St. Étienne had done over the weekend. He’d ask me what book I was reading or how things were going, about my family or if I was enjoying Chartres. He was really the only other person I talked to and it was…nice to have that.

The other two are just of the square because it’s gorgeous and I really enjoyed people watching there. I mean, I like people watching in general, but I liked sitting on the benches on the side as they’d hurry back and forth. The last one is of this photography installment that they have on biking in Chartres. I’d pass by it almost every day and tell myself that I needed to take a picture of it and yet had never done that. So: I finally did it. Took the picture and of course it’s not the best but at least I did it.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This interview – (I think he’s utterly fantastic and this interview just gave me more feelings than I knew what to do with.)

+ This post – (First of: I love the photographs. Second off: I will be that person with the travel guides and post cards and I’m well on my way as it is.)

+ This idea – (I’ll post up what my winter goals are later this week.)

+ These photographs – (I want them all as prints to hang up on my wall, actually.)


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