Wild Life


The last time I went to the zoo, I was in Taiwan and ran, slipped and fainted because this short, tanned and weathered Taiwanese zoo keeper had this gigantic yellow and white snake around his shoulders and was walking towards me. The only things that were similar between this trip and that one was the fact that it was pouring rain. Which is good. Because it meant that the snakes were all locked up and no one was wearing them and that I did not awkwardly faint in front of strangers.

And can I say that all these zoo goers were troopers? When I say pouring rain I mean pouring rain. Buy a poncho and wear rubber boots and have an umbrella and do not forget your scarf kind of pouring rain where all you really want to do is be inside and read a book and to not be carting kids around a zoo and telling them to please keep up. But they (and we) did it and I just want to give kudos to everyone because that is not easy.

Notes: no, that elephant is not dead. It’s taking it’s siest Which was what I wanted to do at that moment as well. The cats are my favourite. I love the cats. I could watch them all day. I really could.  And that’s what we look like after five hours at the zoo, in the pouring rain. Like we’re going to cry if we don’t get hot chocolate right now. (I don’t think I’m talking about her anymore…)

I didn’t take my long lens because a.) that thing is heavy b.) I still don’t have a messenger style camera bag and it’s easier (I find) to store things that way than in a backpack. And I’m glad I didn’t because as much as I wanted to get closer shots, the rain was already making me miserably and worry for my baby and I know that would have just added to it all. Next time, next time.

Things I’m Loving:

This hanger – (I want them in my (future) hallway for jackets.)

This video – (The shots and the music are just so perfectly matched.)

This story – (I don’t know how much I love the B&W but I like how he associates music with places)

This photographer – (Absolutely fantastic photojournalism.)


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