France, Paris

The End


These are the last pictures of Paris, I promise. The top shots are all of the War Museum. I didn’t actually go in because a.) it was too nice out and b.) not really a huge fan of looking at military things. Though, I might go back some other time. I’ve heard the interior architect is gorgeous. The next time I’m taking shorts and runners too because you know how hard it is to watch people play flag football and volleyball and half a dozen pick up games of football and not be able to play? When you grew up on playing sports outside on the grass, in the sun, it is really, really hard to stand by and watch other people play when you can’t. Really hard.

And because I’m a Star Wars nerd, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the graffiti tag that’s everywhere around the city. Also came back to the house and found that I had mail. A Halloween letter from my sister and another from my friend Sarah. I love mail. I wish I could tell you how much I love mail.

But there it is: all of my Paris photos. I do actually have a map that I edited with the places I went. I’ll throw it up in tomorrow’s post. Promise.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This kickstarter – (The idea is wonderful.)

+ These business cards – (When you run out, it’s really not a problem.)

+ These photographs – (Food photography = some of my favourite photography.)

+ This book – (The Sun Also Rises  is one of my favourite books. And I loved learning about Hemingway through Hadley’s eyes. An easy read (it took me two days) but enjoyable.)


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