Falling Leaves


My friend and fellow PhotoJ, Sam, asked me last week what the leaves look like in France. If they were turning colour or if they were just sort of doing that gross molting thing where they turn brown and then just drift listlessly to the sidewalk. Because that’s what they’re doing in England and she missed the way the trees look like they’re on fire. Where we come from, it’s almost as if the trees are one of those flip books. It starts out slowly, leaves changing colours and then you wake up one morning and the sun’s just coming up at 9:00 am and you’re out of the house and the only thing you can do, the only reaction to have is, “Wow.”

It’s not like that here. There are trees, yes. They’re changing colours, yes. But it’s not the outright fire that you see back home. It’s not. And, for me, I think, that’s alright. Because if they did, if they did fire up before they fell, I think it would make me more homesick. This sort of red and inconspicuous-unless-you’re-looking-for-it change fits for France. It’s the trees doing things the French way. And because I am in France, I will be alright with that. I am alright with that. And for those moments when I’m not, I’ll click through the pictures on Facebook that everyone’s sharing. Because that’s what Facebook was invented for.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This documentary – (I might actually have to dedicate a post to this because….should a documentary on pick up soccer make you tear up? If the answer’s ‘no’, I’m in trouble.)

+ This town – (My brain can’t wrap itself around: no roads.)

+ This video – (“If you’re thinking about running, you should stop thinking, and start running.”)

+ These photographs – (Like I said: Every once in awhile, I cheat on France with the idea of somewhere else.)


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