Hi – This is My Face (Kind Of)


I don’t post photos of myself. It’s not a thing that I do. Mostly because if I’m the one taking pictures, it’s kind of hard for there to be pictures of me. Also partly because I hate having my picture taken. My Facebook profile pic is normally months old by the time a new one goes up, the haircut I got has grown back to the same length as in the previous picture, which sometimes makes me wonder why I bother, but ah, the things we do for social media.

Anyways: this is me and my camera. We’re quite fond of each other, truth be told. And yes, I do (finally) have a striped shirt so now I look all ‘properly’ French and whatnot. I also dress in all black from time to time, which also makes me like the French because bright colours are not really a thing that they do all that often.

I actually wondered, while editing these pictures, about what it would be like if I was a fashion blog and had to take pictures of myself every day and was very, very thankful that I had never considered that. If it’s a picture of me and there’s no camera pressed to my face with the other eye awkwardly closed, it’s not really going to happen. So, this is as close to a fashion blog post as you’re going to get. Camera accessory and all.

Things I’m Loving:

+ World Cup Qualifying – (Because even if I didn’t get to watch it, all the football was played today. And with the exception of Canada (which I can’t even talk about), none of my teams lost. Which I’m more than alright with.)

+ This article – (Long form writing about football: I like that.)

+ This song – (It’s got a little bit of that club feel I need every once in awhile.)

+ Basketball – (Because it’s been three years since I’ve played and I’m going to be sore like whoa tomorrow, but running around for an hour and a half was exactly what I needed.)

P.S. I was just emailed this picture from the birthday party Sunday. My face sans camera. Also a blue styrofoam boat full of seafood. Two things you don’t see every day.


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