Birthday Parties: The French Version


We went to the grandparents’ house last night for for the mother’s birthday party. I, unfortunately, have no pictures because I didn’t take my camera. Because of reasons. But oh I wish I had. There was a blue styrofoam boat that took up a quarter of the table and was filled, was beyond filled, with seafood. Clams, mussels, shrimp (and not those tiny ones we Canadians buy on a ring. With eyes and feet and everything.)  and snails. Then there was chicken and sausage. Followed by cheese (I found a new favourite) and then dessert. I love eating. I eat everything on my plate, always. And yet, I couldn’t finish my dessert because I had been eating for four hours. I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten for four hours straight but if you haven’t, it’s like a race, with pacing yourself and whatnot,  and I was never really good at that.

The unending line of wine bottles is something I’m recommending my family should take up as a tradition. Just for special occasions, you know?

But because I can’t show you all that, have some photos of adorable children drawing pictures. It’s almost as good as the never ending French buffet of seafood and wine. (Almost.)

This also means I now have standards for my next birthday. High standards.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This shirt – (In navy. I like stripes. And long sleeves.)

+ These photographs – (I will learn how to capture this one day. I will, I will, I will.)

+ Also these photographs – (I always had a tough time with street photography, no matter how much I like it.)

+ This infographic – (I am terrible with time differences. Absolutely terrible. This should help.)


One thought on “Birthday Parties: The French Version

  1. Jac-o says:

    Guess it’s a good thing your next birthday isn’t at home if the standards have been raised!!
    Tried looking at the tshirt, but nothing came up, so guess I don’t know what to get you for said birthday:-)
    Have a great week, my dear.

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