My New Digs

I’m judging myself a little bit for that title. But it’s late and I truly hate coming up with titles for posts. Sometimes it’s easier (like that ‘digging’ pun I made for the archeology post awhile back), and then sometimes it’s as if my post is looking at me going, “Hit me with your best shot,” with a cocked eyebrow and a ‘bring it’ chest thump.

But yes: my new ‘digs’: this is them. When I showed the photos to my brother he got stuck on the
cougar for the rest of the conversation. For the rest of the forty-five-ish minutes, we’d get on to talking about something else and then he’d backtrack and go, “No but seriously Amielle, is that a real cougar?” and my mother or I would have to re-explain to him the concept of ‘stuffing’. (Considering this was right before Thanksgiving, it’s no wonder it made him a little confused.)

The dad is an antique dealer, which explains a lot, I think. And the kitchen is probably my favourite part. Or maybe the living room. Though, if we’re honest, it’s probably those big windows that span the length of well…the house. I’m a sucker for good light and there’s nothing like natural light.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This artist – (Because I like art that reminds me of my brothers.)

+ These photographs – (Just because I’m in France at the moment doesn’t mean my eye isn’t wandering a little.)

+ This song – (The rain instead of snow makes me think of spring even though it’s fall. This song reminds me of spring even though it’s sad.)

+ This site – (Because apparently I like wanting ALL OF THE THINGS that I cannot have.)


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