Second Touch


Something a little different today. A good friend of mine, Vimbai, had this great idea and is working on trying to find people to support it.

The link will lead you to the write up about the whole thing, however, to summarize:

Second Touch is hoping to be first a website and then a PDF quarterly about football (soccer) with content created solely by female fans and writers. Females account for at least, if not more than, half the viewers of the sport, yet if you look at any of the famous blogs (Just FootballA Football Report and In Bed With Maradona to name a few) or the quarterlies (The BlizzardHowler, XI), the creators and/or (regularly contributing) writers are not even close to equal.

The idea is that there are female fans out there who do want to write and do have things to share, but that because football is still, though it’s changing, such a boys’ club, there’s not the push for them to do that. So, this is about changing that. Contact information is in the post and if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass it along. The blog does look a little bare right now, I know, but give it another week or two as support starts up and ‘About’ pages are filled out and ideas start being fleshed out.

Besides: everything has to start with some sort of small idea, right?

(Full discloser: I’m the ‘partner-in-crime’ in this endeavour, because there’s no way I couldn’t be.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ Skype Sessions – (With people I talk to almost everyday, and with people I talk to once a week.)

My new watch – (Because apparently I’m an adult now and adult’s have watches. Though: extra long wrist band keeps it from feeling ~stuffy.)

+ Shows coming back – (I think, though, I miss the shows only second to the fact that my sisters and I would watch them all together.)

Exploring flickr – ( Somedays I just really miss looking at other people’s work. Which sounds ridiculous considering the internet is at my fingertips, but it’s not the same as when we were in school.)


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