The Last of Them


These are the last of the photos hanging around on my desktop. The flowers don’t look like that anymore, not after all the rain we’ve had. The trees aren’t like that, ether. They’ve either had half their leaves scattered or else had their leaves change red, orange, brown. Probably both.  The light’s changed, too.  It’s not as warm as it used to be, it can’t fight through the thick clouds as well as it used to and not wearing a scarf with my jacket when I leave the house isn’t an option.

So I got my summer in France, if even for a few weeks. And now I’m getting in my fall in France, all rain and dark mornings, wind and scarves, with enough sun to run errands during the day before I head home for a mug of hot milk.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (I’ve always been interested in how your childhood affects your adulthood.)

+ This street photographer – (Sometimes it’s nice to see a new photographer in an over populated genre.)

+ Another article – (Because anything inspired by Hemingway is alright by me.)

+ Checking bus/train fares for a short trip next month – (If I’m here, I might as well see it a little.)


One thought on “The Last of Them

  1. Jac-o says:

    OK, so I’ll bite. What’s the little silver “dude” thing in the 2nd picture? Keep these pictures of bright skies & greenery close by so that you can get your summer “fix” during the less than cheery winter months. Good thing you took a scarf:-)

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