All the Little Pieces


Welcome to Picassiette: the mosaic house.

Last week I decided that I was finally, finally brave enough to exit the house and venture for a walk longer than to the city centre.

(I take time to ease into things. Heading to the centre for more than just baguettes in the afternoon took awhile. I finally took the bus this weekend. And then walked back when I missed it. I might need to watch it, otherwise all that fear of ‘venturing into the world of the French’ will disappear! Not of the people, obviously, they really are quite friendly, though more the ‘having to talk’ kind of deal, that I talked about in this post.)

After I spent twenty minutes wondering if once again I’d read the map wrong (not the first time, not by a long shot) and playing with the idea of visiting the cemetery that I had been walking beside for more than half of this impromptu journey a la Anne of the Island style, I found my first sign which pointed in what could either be interpreted as ‘ahead’ or ‘right’. (Or, right ahead.) The second sign came a little further down the way, the third one just after I was trying to see if there was yet another   entrance to this cemetery because there’s only so far a person can walk with no signs.

Finally, the last sign showed up, pointing, once more to some obscure direction that I followed, relying solely on a little mosaic on a rock outside.

It was worth it. I really do wish I could have taken more photographs, but, it’s actually no photography allowed, but I’m sneaky and couldn’t resist and couldn’t not try and show how just breathtaking the entire place is. Click the link up top for more photos, because it’s more than worth it. The time and energy, the vision and the eye for detail, the little Eiffel Tower and faces on the posts. The dedication that Raymond Isidore had for his work is nothing short of inspiring.

Things I’m Loving:

Three Way Football – (The commentators are my absolute favourite. And I would watch, in a heartbeat)

This list – (1. I love lists. 2. I love writing. 3. I love lists about writing.)

+ A simple recipe for Friday night – (I might have to introduce taco salads to this family.)

A new (to me) album – (Because I am always, always behind on listening to more than a song or two.)

P.S. I’ve done a little bit of editing here on the blog, just a blurb on the side/an updated about me, as well as a link to my Facebook page, so you can like if you…well, like. 🙂


One thought on “All the Little Pieces

  1. Jac-o says:

    You are such a honeybadger…sneaky,sneaky! Great pictures – hopefully they can’t “get you” after the fact;-)
    It’s been fun checking out your blog this week since you’ve added so much stuff – you go girl. Talking girls, I though the pics of your young charge were very cute. It’s amazing how angelic children can look right after their nap, eh?!

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