I Dig It






These have been sitting on my desktop for the last week. Lost in a sea of other photos that are all jumbled together, both edited and not and I finally couldn’t take it anymore. There’s only so much disorganization I can take. (I can’t stress how true that statement is. I ended up buying a family calendar, something I got from my mom, because I couldn’t stand not having things written down for everyone to know what’s going on.)

Lists, alphabetized folders and books, clothing hung in order of casual vs. formal. Those are things I like. And my desktop had become like a wild forest of photos from the last couple of months that I’ve just dumped, either because they’ve been edited or because I told myself I’d get to them. Surprise surprise, I still hadn’t had most of them edited.

But here you are: the last of the photos from our great wander last week. This was the archeological dig, which, even though I couldn’t always understand what was being said, I found really fascinating. The older man making the jewelry was probably my favourite. It’s very precise, tedious looking work, but he would stop and let the people around the table know what he was doing and answer any questions they had. It was so interesting that we didn’t end up going on the tour and just wandered around the exhibits for the two hours that we were there.

Things I’m Loving:

This article on Robert Capa and Gerda Taro.

These infotographs about food nutrition.

This DIY project I will do to that pair of shoes sitting in my closet.

+ Thinking of making candles with the kids to use up all the jars sitting on the kitchen counter.


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