Drama Queen


Just about posted unedited pictures and then realized that I wasn’t quite THAT tired. (Yet. Watch me make every spelling error possible.)

Sunday we went out and saw all sorts of things. There was the cathedral, then this, the theatre, and then afterwards an archeological learning centre-esque thing. (It was really quite fascinating.) Basically: A lot of history, which I really quite enjoyed and am hoping to read over some of the pamphlets I got because, to be quite honest, I really didn’t catch as much of the information as I probably should have. (Don’t worry, I’ll share the other pictures after. That’s just a huge photo dump I couldn’t do to you.)

As well: had my first ride en vélo, complete with camera in the basket up front and child strapped in a seat behind me. (And really, nothing is going to be as scary as the mothers in Taiwan who had their children in highchairs in front of them on the scooters. Nothing.) It took a bit, but really, you don’t forget how to ride a bike, even if you do panic over the fact that those cars are driving really quite close and there’s extra weight that makes turning a little more difficult, but I overcame all that and can’t wait for my next trip out! Plus, I have my own vélo, which means that, within the next few days I’ll hopefully be checking out the footie clubs in town as well as the girls’ basketball team (and seeing about playing.) Yay!

Yes, the theatre. It’s small. I don’t know if you can tell that in the pictures, but it is. It’s close and intimate and is still used regularly, which obviously means that going to see a show is going to be on my to do list. By small I mean that the theatre itself is small. The building has these winding stairs and you can only go up one way and down a separate stair way and then there’s the huge ball room with the bars and the fireplaces and it looks out over onto the front street. It took me back (okay, not all that long ago, really) to when I was in drama and the hours we’d spend in the gym, working on projection and blocking, memorizing lines and how much I absolutely adored it. Even if it was in the gym, after some team or another had finished practicing it smelled grossly like sweat and your voice always hurt after the first few practices because it wasn’t used to having to throw itself at the back wall without yelling. This reminded me of that, except stunningly beautiful, like most things that took ages to build and were made to last, are.

Things I’m Loving:

Real Madrid 3 – 2 Manchester City – With all due respect to Michael Cox, I really do feel that this game deserved a more Sid Lowe-esque article. I have no nails left. I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t stop shaking. It was that sort of game and a brilliant, emotional way to start the Champion’s League. To top it all off, Mou put it so beautifully in his post game interview: “The DNA of my team is back.” Yes, they really are. Video highlights.

Visions of a Blind Photographer – Such an inspiring story about overcoming so much in order to do the thing that you love. How there are ways to work around a situation that cannot be changed, to make the best of it and to find a solution, to push through it all and say you did it.

Happiness – The official trailer for a documentary by Roko Belic who travels around the world in search of what it means to be happy. A beautiful combination of stories and interviews with scientists about happiness, it makes you stop and think about what it is that makes you happy. (Things that make me happy: mail, Skyping home, the beach with my family, taking pictures, a book I can’t bear to pull away from, long walks. What about you?)

Brioche French Toast – I am all about the French toast, apparently. Which is just plain bizarre because I haven’t had any in ages. (Or maybe that’s telling me something…hmm…maybe tomorrow morning…). ANYWAYS: if this recipe and these photos don’t have you trying to eat them through your laptop, I just…I don’t know. I have nothing to say. Because I most definitely tried.


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