The Courtyard Backyard




They don’t seem to have backyards here. Not like we do, with grass and a fence where the ball always seems to fly overtop into the neighbours’ backyard. Instead it’s a shared parking space and, when the car’s gone and we don’t have time for the park, it replaces it. Just a lot less forgiving than the grass. Then again, it’s also got a lot more interesting features to it, too. And having lunch during sunny Saturdays is fabulous at the little rusty table with a table clothe tossed on top, leaves swept off the chairs.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Zinio – It’s like an online newstand. You can browse and buy subscriptions to your favourite digital magazines and read them on any platform you choose. I’m loving it because a.) international shipping for some magazines is (quite seriously) just as expensive as the magazine itself and b.) my address changes again in ten months and that’s just really complicated. (Now for Kinfolk to get a digital version of their magazine.)

Nutella Stuffed Cookies – If I were to say that the kids here like Nutella, that would be the biggest understatement I’ve made since getting here. And considering the fact that I’ve been given permission to use the kitchen, I have a feeling that these would be a hit.

L’Odyssée – The pool in town. And by ‘pool’ I do mean ‘pools’. Because there’s about six. Or seven. Possibly eight. A quick video that gives you a bit of an idea. My family would love this place.

+ Watching originally English shows dubbed over in French. Because lip reading is fun. And helps you figure out what’s going on.


One thought on “The Courtyard Backyard

  1. Jac-o says:

    Yes, your maman reads your blog…will make a note about the camera bag, but wouldn’t hold my breath!
    Your pictures are quite amazing & the way you have with words even more so…you go girl:-) WINNING!
    JL & I looked at the pool video. We turned a little green with envy. You’ll have to hit the rink & show those French people how to skate.
    Keep that camera out & shooting – no need to feel self-conscious or afraid that your ability has disappeared anywhere. Your composition is incredible & you need to share that talent.

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