One Last Summer Day


Sunday was the last day of all the sun and fantastic weather that we’d had for the last week. Since then it’s been rainy, cold and dreary. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of tons of heat, but it was nice while it lasted.

We spent the day at a flea market, wandering around a usually empty square, drinking ice cold Cokes and looking through books and boxes of toys, necklaces and rings, lamps and furniture, everything, really.

It was almost like one last goodbye to summer, one last day before fall decides to settle in for good.

Things I’m Loving:

How to Shoot Sliced Fruit – On my list of things I want to try.

Acro Yoga Video – A four minute video filled with some of the most amazing yoga I’ve ever seen.

+ This Interview P1, P2

A quote.


One thought on “One Last Summer Day

  1. Hi, Amielle,
    Uncle and I have enjoyed reading your blog since your Mom told us about it!! –and today when I looked at your latest — I see this to send you a message— so thought that I would see if I got it figured out !!!!
    Keep up the blog — and I’ll try to send you messages frequently !!
    Love reading of all your doings !!Uncle Jim and Auntie Muriel

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