His Name is Doudou


Doudou comes with us everywhere. He’s a little pink, stuffed flat dog that is either clutched in one hand or sitting close by, watching as she plays or eats or has a bath. He comes on walks with us all the time and is precariously dangled from one hand as she runs down the street to keep up with her older brothers.

If it’s been a long day at school, with a nap not quite long enough in the afternoon and Mama and Papa are late coming home, he’s the one who makes the waiting a little easier, sitting on her lap as she listens to The Three Little Pigs for the third time.

Every four or five days, he’s normally tossed in the wash to have a bath as she’s having hers, dry and warm and smelling clean once again by the time bedtime rolls around, her face pressed up against his warm face.

Things I’m Loving:

This Is… Books – I have the This Is Paris and This Is Rome books. I always, for some reason, whether it’s true or not, link them to my Grandmére, my mother’s mother. Maybe it’s because I always just associated interesting and fun and learning and French and travel with her, but every time I opened those books, I always thought about Grandmére and my mother in France and how it would be my turn one day. (And look at us now.) But we went to the library yesterday and I found more in the series, in French, obviously, so I brought home This is London. Because maybe it’s a sign.

Une Promenade en France – I bought a big map of France for my wall earlier this week. I’ll show you a picture sometime. It’s just over my bed and fills up the big white space that was there. And then because I’m me I wanted to have little notes about each place and where to visit and interesting things. And then I found this book at the library as well yesterday. How’s that for coincidence?

+ Bluebird Toys – Don’t ask me how this even happened, but all of a sudden last night, my good friend and I were catching up and we started talking about how Barbie had changed since we had played with her. Which moved on to Polly Pockets and how those have changed. So, naturally because we could, we went looking and I found the two that I had had when I was little. Dazzle Dressmaker and Little Lulu’s Speedboat. There was also this and this that my sisters and I shared. I remember having so much fun playing with them and couldn’t resist sharing with my sisters on FB later.

+ Doctor Who – I am so late on this train. So so late. But in the last week I’ve watched the last two seasons and a few episodes of the fourth one. And I’m hooked and waiting breathlessly for this new season. I know I should have done it earlier.


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