Things I have learned:

– sometimes (often) you worry for no reason at all. Because, as they usually do, things do work out. You just have to keep your head up and keep looking.

– a shower after travelling for what feels like a billion hours (okay, 30) is the best thing someone can offer you.

– a simple grilled cheese sandwich is not just ‘simple’ in France.

– salad is mostly a vegetable, tossed with vinegar

– homemade mayo is the best

– I like dinners here. Meals here. Food here.

– kids are the same even if they don’t speak the same language.

– same with mothers. Especially if it means they don’t have to do the dishes.

– kids aren’t the only ones who need naps. (This is like my summer lesson. Really.)

– kids are also some of the best teachers

– I wonder at my mom because she wonders at other moms whom she thinks do more than she does. Not true.

– that my mother really, is quite French.

– language comes back. It takes some time and asking people to slow down and trying to fit your mouth around words properly and fit the accents in there properly once more, but it does.

– you don’t need an excuse to read books like Geronimo Stilton, other than you definitely wish you had his job because: dream journalist job y/y? However, using it to practice your French is definitely a bonus thrown in there.


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