We Talk About the Weather




Weather is the world’s topic. No matter where you go and who you talk to, if you have nothing to say, you can always talk about the weather. If you’re in farming land, which is where I’ve grown up and spent 95% of my time, it’s an art. It’s a balancing act between complaining that there’s too much rain and not enough heat, or else that there’s too much heat and not enough moisture.
If you work where I work, at a front counter, I spend most of my day talking about the weather. I find out whether it’s supposed to rain this week or if there’s supposed to be sun Friday and Saturday. I talk more about the weather to more people than most meteorologists.
So now I’m going to talk to you about our weather. Because I’ve gotten really good at it and I want to show off, just a bit. After weeks of rain, we finally got heat. Humid, heavy, reminded-me-of-Taiwan-heat. (That second picture is foggy because it was so humid outside my lens fogged up. Wiped it down three times and then finally decided that nature was going to win so I’d just let it.) And then we had a huge, tornado warning worthy storm,with lightning and trees falling down. And no power. Taking my contacts out can be difficult with power. Without it is like one of those math problems you had to solve in elementary school. It was still so hot and humid upstairs that the boys slept downstairs. Kind of like big family sleepovers!
Even with all the crazy weather and lack of power and general busy-ness, I’ve got something that I’m quite excited about and I’m hoping that, within the next few days, I’ll have something more solid and firmly in place to share with you all. I know I’ve been talking about it for awhile, but things take time and I want to make sure that all the pieces are in place before I get too excited.
Things I’m Loving:
+ A Short Vocabulary of Composition – A short piece on food photography and thinking through what you want your food to say. The article itself is fun, but the pictures even more so.
+ The Pontine Islands – With how busy I am with work this summer, I won’t be able to take much of a vacation, which I’m alright with right now. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not still wander lusting with all the dream posts people have been putting up. The second picture is my absolute favourite. I don’t know what it is about white and blue together, but they just do something to me.
+ How to Get a Job as a Photographer for a Newspaper – One of my PhotoJ friends posted this up on a FB and quite a few of us had a chuckle. If only it were that easy.
+ Craig Allen – Using people as pixels, he makes gigantic street art of some of the world’s most notable people. A little mind blowing.
+ The Newsroom – If you didn’t catch it on Sunday (like me), you can watch it there. If you have any interest in anything about the news: go. now. Watch. I absolutely loved it. The craziness of how a newsroom gets when there’s something big happening, the search for information and trying to get people to give quotes. While I’ve never been in a situation quite like that, it still gave me goosebumps.

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