Baseball Summer

It’s that time of the year. The weather has started to even out, it’s mostly sunny with a side of rain and kids are being carted to practices and games twice a week. Since I’ve been working so much, I haven’t had a chance to make it to any of them, much to the disappointment as the boys ask while they’re hustled out the door if I’ll be there to take pictures.

I did finally make it to one of Bro #3’s games (coaches pitch, one hour, everyone bats and we go home happy) and while I was busy chasing Bro #4 around, I did manage some shots (shot with my 50mm because, oh goodness, being ‘that person’ with the 70-200mm at a little league game has parents side eying you and I get that enough here, thanks.)






Things I’m Loving:

+ Sexy & I Know It Remix – Not a huge fan of the song but this remix of it? Yeah, I’d have that on my iTunes.

+ DIY Mara Hoffman Mini Skirt – I love the bright colours and it just looks so summery to me. I wish I had sewing skills to do it, so I’ll just stare in love and jealousy instead.

+ How A Really Bad Mood Can Improve Your Writing – This blog is wonderful for anyone trying to be a freelance writer. And where better to start then where being in a bad mood can help you?

+ Recipe Roundup: Salad – Summer is definitely a salad time of the year. So here’s a couple of fun ones to try out over the next few weeks.

+ Euro 2012 – Group A played today, with Poland and Greece tying it up 1-1 and Russia beat Czech Republic 4-1. My picks seem to be somewhat on target, which makes me happy. Three weeks of stellar football: yes please!

+ World Cup Qualifying – Canada beat Cuba 1-0 today. SUCCESS!


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