Camera Tricks

Even though you rarely ever see it, we do have a living room. And in this living room there’s these five windows that take up the most of the wall and faces West, meaning we get beautiful, beautiful light when the sun sets.

We were all there before bed, winding down and two of the windows were open, with the wind pushing the blinds back and forth. Bro #2 was on the couch and I went, “I wonder if I can catch the blinds moving on him.”

So I asked him to sit there a minute to which he goes, “You’re weird,” and “Why?” while I raced to get my camera and tried. A slow shutter speed didn’t catch the movement of the blinds but! it did give me beautiful light to work with.


Then I got the idea to introduce some of the cool things a camera can do. (My family sometimes gets tired of me and my camera so every once in awhile I have to re-show them why photography’s so exciting.) Once we got the length of the shutter speed vs. how much to pull the blinds back vs. depth of field, I had two brothers more than excited to participate.

Bro #2 is very much a movement type of kid, so sitting perfectly still until I told him to move was not easy, but he did his best since he wanted to match up with Bro #1’s perfectionist ways. The last two frames are the last two we took and, since this is the first time I’ve done this in ages, with an 11 and 9 -year-old, I’m quite happy with how they turned out. I have a feeling that it might be something we’ll be trying again soon!





Things I’m Loving:

+ Saturday – A short film by Julia Leach for her new collection Chance and Summer 2012 collection. Relaxing and simple and the background music is so perfect for summer. I love the fact that the video is mainly composed of a lot of detail shots, zooming in close to keep out all the unnecessary information from the frame.

+ I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bon Iver – I’ve been listening to this on repeat for the last three days. It’s not a ‘summer anthem’ by any means, but it’s soothing and besides, the weather we’ve been having hasn’t exactly been summer-ish, so…

+ The Coiffure Project – There’s this book we have on adjectives. One of them talks about curly/curlier/curliest. And since I was little, I’ve always wanted thick, red, curly hair. Well, I got thick and red so two out of three ain’t bad, but I’ve always loved big, curly hair. And this photography piece on natural

+ Photojournalism Links – An easy place to get lost in with its host of links to photojournalism work and interviews with the photojournalists. There’s the ‘Tearsheet of the Day’ that’s also a quick, interesting tidbit for the day.


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