Reading Rainbow


Bro #1 is almost like the younger, male version of myself. Now me, though. Young me, not so much. Apparently at that age I was more of a tyrant, but to each their own. Now, however, we’re on the same wavelength. So as I was hiding out in the garage earlier this week, cleaning out all of the things, he can to see if ‘there was anything he could do’. Since there wasn’t and I had just finished going through all my books and comics, he fished through the pile and came up with some solid reading material (which is to be expected since it is mine and all). 

That was when I noticed, really noticed that, hey, maybe I could pull out some of my other favourites and leave them with him. So out came The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, out came the Redwall series (almost a full set) and Montmorency and my sets of mystery novels. I’ll leave them for him and Bro #2 to read in the coming months. Books that I remember loving and devouring, reading over and over again, they deserve to have that again. And next time, there’ll be more books to pull out to be discovered once again. Image

Things I’m Loving:

+ How to Get That Perfect Beach Body – Some ‘advice’ about how to get that elusive summer beach body. Hint: do absolutely nothing. 

+ The Mindy Project – This trailer has me oh so excited for the beginning of this series. Mindy Kaling is a comedic queen and the first oh, 30 seconds, had me clapping my hands together in delight. 

+ New York City Ballet ‘Pointe Shoes’ – A five minute piece on ballet shoes from the factory to the stage. Everything about is what I’d associate with ballet: beautiful and delicate looking but strong. The music and the shots are so well done. 


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