Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round-Up

Everyone has Mother’s Day pictures to post. And then there’s me. Not because I don’t love my mother because really, there’s no one else out there who’s going to put up with me like she does and that’s something I cherish. But because I a.) didn’t have my camera and b.) it’s a lot harder to take pictures while bonding than you think. Especially when that bonding consists of playing backyard soccer and cards before bed. My family has a lot of feelings regarding their cards. (I think I’ve said that before but it’s so true that it’s probably going to come up several times this summer. Don’t be put off though. You can stop by and play, just make sure to put your game face on and we’ll let you have the washroom if you get something in your eye during.)

Back to: I hope any mothers reading this had a wonderful day with their children. You’re all the best. (Though not quite as best as my mother is.)






1.) Spend Friday/Saturday babysitting my cousin’s kids and board games were the theme.

2., 3., & 4.) Even with the wind it was absolutely gorgeous. Sister #2 playing catch in the backyard with brothers #1 & 4. Bro #4 is on a ball kick and has this thing with all of them needing to be all in the same place. The wind kicked up enough to scatter them. Poor kid welled right up and started chasing them down. (Sister #2 and I couldn’t resist laughing at his poor expression. Oh dear.)

5.) Flowers for Mother’s Day. There’s nine: one for every kid and one for my dad. Awww. We’re adorable, I know.

Things I’m Loving:

+ An Important Talk About Business & Standing Up For Yourself – Absolutely fantastic blog post about standing up for yourself as a photographer, which is something that people feel guilty about. (That’s what I went to school for, trust me. People are worried that others won’t hire them because of their prices, but that money is covering so many things that, truthfully, sometimes photographers are barely making minimum wage with what they charge.) Line from: “So that’s that. But what mostly wanted to share, discuss, and bring up was the idea of STANDING UP FOR YOURSELVES AS PEOPLE, AS PHOTOGRAPHERS, AND AS CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS, FOR THE SAKE OF THE INDUSTRY.” Amen.

+ Upon A Fold – A blog about people creatively using paper. The blog is filled with fun, artistic pieces Justine has found and shared with her readers. The notebooks & stationary is probably my favourite place, however.

+ Make Everything Ok – The Make Everything Ok button, once clicked will, well…make everything ok. Well, maybe not. But it’s worth the try. The least it will do is put a smile on your face.


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