Birthday Boy

With ten people in a family, there is some serious birthday partying that we do. Two of us in February, two in March, my mom’s birthday and their wedding anniversary in April, this minion’s birthday on the first of May, a birthday in June and July. Then we wait a full three months for the next one in November and the last in December. That is a lot of cake. A lot. (Not that we’re complaining. We kind of like our cake in this family.) 

(Don’t worry. Birthday boy got that piece he accidentally spit on. Because he’s cute, but not quite that cute. He also made money off his birthday and is now the richest person in our family. However, the fake dirty dishes for the bathtub and the lion captured his attention. Just wait until he gets older. He’s going to judge his choices too. However, he does have the most adorable little look of concentration, so I can forgive his err in best present judgement.) 









Things I’ve Loving: 

+ Things I’m Afraid To Tell You – To tell it simply: some bloggers got together and realized that they agreed on something. That'”Yes, they too were concerned / frustrated / flummoxed about the vast cavern between true reality and the presentation of “reality” on blogs.” So they decided to start sharing truths on their blogs. There’s a list of blogs that are sharing their own little truths about how they’re blog doesn’t quite reflect their real life. I think it’s a breath of fresh air in the fairly ‘perfect’ world of blogging that we’ve created for ourselves. 

+ Thoughts on the Lack of Diversity in the Media – The new HBO series Girls has been attracting a lot of attention lately. And not just because of how it’s supposed to portray the ‘real life’ of a twenty something. A lot of my friends have been noting that the representation is all white. (Lena Dunham has commented on that, saying that she didn’t include black people just to have black people as the show is semi-autobiographical and she didn’t have friends who were. Which, ok.) However, since it is based in New York, the lack of diversity is a little concerning. This post takes a different approach to talking about the subject that I really enjoyed. While it’s not something I can talk about from experience, I do have friends who talk about it and as someone who would like to work in media, it’s something I want to stay very conscious of. 

+ 100 PIeces of Advice from Movies – No, I haven’t made it all the way through.  But, from the many previews I’ve clicked, they hit the whole gamut of feelings from funny to touching to maybe just a little side eying. 

+  27 Things That Will Make Life Easier – This was exactly what I needed to see this afternoon. Another example of how the things that are the most obvious and practical are sometimes the ones that we choose to ignore, time and again, until they’re in black and white in front of us. 


2 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. This post cracked me up!
    Thank you for the link to the 27 things that will make life easier…I can definitely use some advice on that 😉

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