Weekend Round-Up

Even gross weekends are busy. It was on and off rain from Friday night until last night but we still managed to keep ourselves busy. Cleaning, eating, playing, working, more eating, more playing, some sleeping. That’s kind of how we roll in this family. I did actually take some pictures on my camera but my room is in a gross state of upheaval (I wish I was kidding. I really do. That’s why I’m posting right now, because the thought of, “Where am I going to put yet ANOTHER BOOK?” and, “Why don’t I have more drawer space?” is something I can stand for only so long.) So, instead, have a weekend round up, courtesy of my phone and Instagram!








1.) Bros #1 & #2 are working their moves in the most important pitch in our lives: our backyard.

2.) Sister #2 is telling Bro #4 that a bird is going to poop on his lip if it sticks out any further. 

3.) Annnd of course he’s happy because c’mon, red dye #4 right before bed makes everyone happy.

4.) Some baby turned three and is no longer classified as a baby (I think that’s what happens when you turn two, actually…)

5.) Recycling sucks when it’s raining out.

6.) & 7.) Bro #1 & #4 enjoying the sudden sunshine with some birthday chalk!

Things I’m Loving: 

I have almost literally not been near my computer this weekend (my Google Reader is bursting at the seams and gulp, that’s a job for tonight), so this is going to be short and sweet and not like my usual ones.

+ FIFA ’12 – I picked it up last week before I left the city because bonding with the brothers is something I want to do more of and there’s only so much Mario Kart this girl can play (I know, I know). Of course, it’s taking me longer to figure it out because I spend less time with the Wii, but man, the feelings in our basement. They are intense. (Bro #2 has recently learned through it that his name is not spelled correctly. He keeps asking why St. Étienne has an extra ‘ne’ and we told him his is wrong. He’s not accepting that. But it’s now his team. Makes sense.) 

+ The Hemingway Papers – I absolutely loved The Sun Also Rises  and so when this popped up on my Twitter TL, I was quite intrigued. Definitely interesting and worth time perusing. 

+ Social Promotion for Your Photography Business – I haven’t read through the whole thing yet, but it’s been open in my tabs as ‘something to read…when I get the chance’. It’s always important to see how things are changing and how you can adapt with those changes when it comes to putting your work out there. I’m interested to see what this says. 


….I guess this TIL wasn’t as different. Clearly I’m just a tab addict and need to reevaulate how many things I’m looking at at once. 


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