All the Little Things

The last few days have been busy. As in, ‘Last day of internship, let’s load up the car, whoops! back to the city centre because we need a new soccer ball, oh wait, it’s now rush hour trying to get back,” kind of busy. Oh, that was just the one day. Right. Today was haircut and chiropractor day (seriously, sending mine Christmas gifts) and getting lost on the way because detours are evil, especially on Saskatchewan back roads. But, it was all made better with Bro #3 & #4 and their unending adorableness.







Things I’m Loving:

+ Cibeles Celebration – I need friends to rejoice with over our mutual football joy. Instead, I’ll just spam the internet with its unceasing.

+ Buttered Crouton Salad with Avocado & Smoked Salmon – I have been all about the salads lately (I think it’s a summer thing).  Half my family doesn’t like salmon, the other half doesn’t like avocados. No problem: more for me!

+ MLS Extra Time – Senior Editor Simon Borg made an offensive comment regarding female football (soccer) fans on this Extra Time podcast. The response on my twitter TL was absolutely amazing. This is just one of the many responses that proceeded (I completely blanked and forgot to bookmark them all -_-“) @WUnitedFC has a lot of links if you’re interested. The MLS did give Borg a week’s suspension over the comments, their release is here. Any thoughts on if what he said is true/why there’s any reason to think that/how things should be changed/etc?

+ Lost in the World – My friend put this on a list of Kanye music I had to listen to a few months back and the first time I heard it, I replayed it before it had even ended. Absolutely fantastic song and the video is intense. Love the b&w!


2 thoughts on “All the Little Things

  1. As a french and swiss girl, I didn’t know about the MLS thing. It’s crazy how sexism still exists in so many countries, so many places, and so many forms. I’m not a soccer fan, I’m not a fan of any sport actually, but I’m still offended and revolted by what Borg said. And I’m more than happy that there was such a response.

    On a completely unrelated note, that salad looks absolutely delicious!

    • The thing is that the MLS can’t really stand to lose any of its supporters. Their female supporters are such a crucial part of their fanbase and if they were to lose them, they’d have a huge problem. I’m also very happy that the fans (both female AND male) were disgusted by what he said and that action was taken. It shows that there is hope to be had!

      It does look absolutely scrumptious! I can’t wait to try it out. 🙂

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