Get Summery

Last week’s weekend phone round up was late, but I’m trying to figure out some sort of rhythm with posts, which might take a little while to get used to (for me more than anyone.). I do have some other photos I took, which I will put up within the next two days. 

I’m done at Planet S this Thursday, so this was my last back/forth weekend before I stay at home for the summer. Which will be nice. That’s a three hour drive and I like driving, but there’s only so much a body can handle. 








1. Even after four tries the barista couldn’t get my name right. (My mother gave her A for effort though. She did get pretty close.)

2. Lunch time hot chocolate and reading. Such a good book. Read it!

3. Sidewalk art by a local business. Now, if the weather could listen!

4. My sister moved all her stuff home from university. No back window for us!

5. 5/5 of the boys in the family enthralled by kid programming.

6. Bro #1 did some Warhol inspired art.

7. Farmer’s pennies with the family. We are a family who takes cards v.v. seriously. You’re warned if you ever get the chance to play with.

8. My drive home last night. Rain, rain and more rain. 


This weekend was also my mother’s birthday (Saturday) and my parents’ anniversary (Sunday), so lots of present, lots of cake, lots of photos. It was good. You can already feel, with the weather starting to warm up a little, that people are gearing up (or down) for summer. Still another month and a half to go, yes, but the feeling is stil there. 


Things I’m Loving:

(For some reason my link button isn’t working, so links will be posted beside)

+ German Wildlife Photography (http://bit.ly/Iobc1W) – Absolutely breathtaking. I’ve looked through them three times already and just, wow. The amount of talent these people have and the amount of beauty our world possesses is just stunning.

+ Micro Gardens (http://bit.ly/HjQBfx) – I try and have a garden during the summer (last year my dad had to take care of it when I went to Taiwan), but something small is a nice warm up to the bigger ones in the backyard.

+ Of A Kind (http://www.ofakind.com/) – Where the items you buy are one of only a certain number made, making them that much more unique!

+ German English (http://bit.ly/JYTq7M) – How Germans say some English phrases. Really adorable.

+ Study Kit (http://www.dormify.com/study-kit) – For those studying for finals, a bit of a kit to help you though those long nights. They also have one for breakups, travel, being sick, feeling down, mom misses you. 


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