Weekend Round-Up

Little League

Another weekend spent at home, which means more Instagram photos because it’s easier to play ball when you have a phone than when you have a fifty billion pound camera strapped to your wrist. These boys are going to be pro, if their ability to pop it over the neighbour’s fence is anything to go by.








1. – 4.  Brothers #3 & #4 outside playing baseball because it’s finally nice outside.

5. Wondering why Bro. #3 keeps running away from us and the Ribbit jacket.

6. Big sister boots and little brother boots.

7. Lunch today at Jake’s On 21st. Those pita chips and dill dip are worth the visit alone.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1 on Saturday. I have, quite literally, no ability to be partial about this.  None. UnaMadridista has three (I, II, III) great posts about the game, which was a record breaker on several levels and just….:D  /euphoria

+ 10 Beautiful Literary Box Sets – That Lord of the Rings set is the one my dad has, the only set I’ve read. He’s also a Calvin & Hobbes fan and I think that might be something I’ll get for his birthday this year.

+ Not in Nottingham – Mumford & Sons did a cover of Not In Nottingham, from Disney’s Robin Hood, which is in the fluctuating top three of my favourite Disney movies (along with The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast).

+ Loud Boy – I bought this for Bro. #2 (who turned 9) for his birthday and he absolutely loves them. I mean, he loves reading, but, according to my mom, he’s read them 3-4 times already, which is saying something for a kid who has ADD.


2 thoughts on “Little League

  1. They are so cute! I love the vintage feel of Instagram photos. Also love the link to the Literary Box Sets – they are so elegant. I’m swooning over the Calvin & Hobbes one!

    • Me too. I normally stick the same three or four different kinds, though. Calvin & Hobbes is fantastic! I think we have most of the comics, but with a fantastic cover would make it even better!

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